Beauty Without Worry

Last month, I attended the new product launching of Caring by Biokos Martha Tilaar event with the theme “Beauty Without Worry” at Wyl’s Kitchen, South Jakarta. You guys have probably seen my photos on Instagram about the event itself. The restaurant was so beautiful, decorated with white and silver stuffs. 

The photo below is me sitting on the photo booth area:

There was also a skin specialist sitting near the photo booth area, where we could get our skin checked.

When I arrived at the venue, we were welcomed with this cute chart board, divided into 2 part. The left side was “Makeup Phobia” and the other side was “Makeup Holic”. So basically every guest had to take a piece of post-it paper (provided under the chart board) and put it on one side. I chose the “Makeup Holic” side as I personally love doing make-up. Apparently, there were some of us who chose the phobia side, while most bloggers chose the opposite.

What they launched is something that would literally blow your mind, which is “Skincare Makeup”. This time around, Biokos as skin experts, worked with MT France Lab and Caring Advance Technology in Two Way Cake to create Caring by Biokos as Skincare Makeup. It is a new innovation in cosmetics, as it does not only make you look pretty from the outside but also takes care of your skin from the inside.
The event was started with an opening speech by Ibu Wulan Tilaar herself, the daughter of Ibu Martha Tilaar. After that, the hosts welcomed and introduced us to Slam, a very talented make-up artists. He also showed us how to achieve a natural make-up using one of the new products, of course. There were two other models whose makeup were done by Slam, one of them was for a night-out with dark-colored eyeshadow.
A talkshow session was held with three amazing women, dr. Astrid, Ibu Patricia Husada and Ibu Melly. Dr. Astrid talked about the difference between UVA, UVB and UVC. She told us how important skincare makeup is because it take cares of our skin from inside and outside. Ibu Patricia Husada told us how Indonesian spend much less time to “treat”  their skin, compared to Korean and Chinese people. This is a really important issue, most women would apply makeup in the morning and let it sit on their face for the rest of the day, but they somehow couldn’t manage to take good care of their own skin. This is why we need skincare makeup.
Combining natural ingredients and advanced technology, Caring by Biokos Skincare Makeup presented 3 (three) series of Advanced Hydra Protection Dual Action Cake, that could fulfill the needs of every skin type.
Two Way Cake (TWC) was developed through scientific research by dermatologists from MT France Lab with modern technology. It contains 4 (four) Key Active Ingredients, which are:
Helps blood circulation and increase oxygen supply. It also increases the absorption of active ingredients as well as delivers optimum benefits of skin care.
Omega Complex 
Helps moisturize your skin, prevents it from dryness and keeps it healthy
SPF 35
Effectively protects your skin from UV rays for as long as 350 minutes
Gives high protection against UVA for 8 hours
As I said before, there are 3 series of Advanced Hydra Protection Dual Action Cake:


Brightening Moist – Whitening
With Brightening Complex that contains Capric Triglyceride Extract and Humulus Lupulus Strobile (Hops), it helps brighten your skin and reduces black spot, giving smoother effect.
Timeless Illuminate – For Dry Skin
With Rejuvenating Complex that contains African Palm Oil Extract, Levant Cotton, Flaxseed and Pearl Powder, it helps rejuvenate the skin by reducing wrinkles.
No More Shine – For Oily Skin
With Balancing Complex that contains Cinnamon Extract, it helps control excessive oil and sweat produced on your face. Makes your skin look fresher, smoother, natural and oil-free.
Each product is available in 3 shades: Silky Nude, Silky Gold and Silky Beige.

Lala Karmela, Indonesian singer and actress, also showed up and performed 5 songs! She is a talented and beautiful lady. I really enjoyed her performance and the host even dragged me to the front to sing with her, lol.

The event finished around 4 pm. We all posed for some photos and then released a lot of white balloons into the air.

Each of us was given a goodie box filled with those new products. I must admit that the packaging of this product is so beautiful and the size is just perfect as you could easily carry it on your purse or bag!

Product review:
I’ve been using the “No More Shine” for quite a while now. The reason I choose this one is because I have a very oily skin. Like it gets oily literally 5 seconds after doing my make-up and I really don’t like to touch-up my face when I’m already outside.

But the shade itself has explained so much, it helps control excessive oil produced on my face. I actually realize that it somehow gives me more natural and oil-free look. I no longer have to be afraid of looking shiny with “No More Shine” on my face!

Here are some detail photos of my outfit:

Shirt – local brand
Jeans – Zara
Heels – Bershka

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