SG Series: Day 1 – SEA Aquarium

Last week, I had the chance to explore Singapore for 3 days. It had been a while since the last time I visited this beautiful country—that is actually not that far from Jakarta. This trip was planned all of a sudden, all prepared by my sister, Clara—from flight tickets to Airbnb room. We knew there were 2 tourist spots that we had to visit (or more like what my mom wanted to), which were SEA Aquarium and Gardens by the Bay. Continue reading SG Series: Day 1 – SEA Aquarium

Summer Vacation – South Korea (Part 1)

You guys have probably known from my Instagram and Snapchat that I went to South Korea for our summer vacation. I was really excited about this and we left Jakarta on August 2nd. We planned to go to South Korea last year but had to cancel it because of the MERS virus issue. This year, we finally made it happen!  Continue reading Summer Vacation – South Korea (Part 1)