Beauty Without Worry

Last month, I attended the new product launching of Caring by Biokos Martha Tilaar event with the theme “Beauty Without Worry” at Wyl’s Kitchen, South Jakarta. You guys have probably seen my photos on Instagram about the event itself. The restaurant was so beautiful, decorated with white and silver stuffs.  Continue reading Beauty Without Worry

Lactacyd White Intimate Blogger Gathering Event

Last Saturday, March 5, I went to an event held by Female Daily Network and Lactacyd Indonesia, called “Lactacyd White Intimate Blogger Gathering”. I was invited by Female Daily Network the previous week and was so excited about it as I had never been to this kind of event before Continue reading Lactacyd White Intimate Blogger Gathering Event

Bomber and Faux Suede

Hey, everyone! How are y’all doing? First thing first, I really want to apologize for the lack of updates on my blog. I went back to my hometown on late January, didn’t bring my camera and laptop so I couldn’t post anything. The fourth semester began around 4 weeks ago, I skipped the first two days of school as I was celebrating Lunar New Year with my family.

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Beret Hat

As most countries in America and Europe are currently in winter, here in Indonesia we experience the opposite. In Jakarta, the temperature reaches 30+ degrees Celcius most of the time but it often rains heavily as well. So yeah, my style basically changes almost everyday, it all depends on the weather. One day I could wear a simple shirt and short shorts and another day I could wear a long sleeve sweater with a pair of trousers or jeans to keep myself warm.

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